Letter to our readers

jackie james whitney and chad

Chad and I are proud to call Frisco our home, and our love of this city’s history and small town charm has lead us to create this exciting venture and help keep our city thriving, the best way we know how.  With Jackie James, we get to explore our passion, creating beautiful spaces, preserving charming homes that many thought were on the decline and breathing new life into them. As a Frisco native and a 6th Generation Frisconian, my family has been doing real estate in Frisco since 1841, and it’s our hope that Jackie James can be just a small part of that legacy. We hope you enjoy experiencing this journey alongside us as we work together to create wonderful spaces in old town Frisco and creating homes for the next generation of Frisco.

-Whitney Brubaker

What's in a name, Jackie James?

Our history actually began in 1924 with the birth of Jackie Neal Newman and in 1931 when James Alton Wade was born. Jackie is Whitney's paternal grandfather, and James is Whitney's maternal grandfather. These two men farmed most of Frisco and shaped the community and development of Frisco that you see today. So it is in their memory and continued vision for Frisco that we created Jackie James, LLC. We seek to continue the development and growth in Frisco, one house at a time.

Photography by: Megan and Jay Photography