Organic Modern

We've been diligently working on finding our next project, and we're so excited to share our big news with you today! WE'RE UNDER CONTRACT TO BUY OUR NEXT PROPERTY! It's exciting that this happened so soon in the blog process, so we hope to share a few of tid bits of information that you might need as a first-time home buyer. You know, just a few things like "Where do you start?!?" (hint: mortgage lender), and the whole process of option period, inspections, contracts, negotiations, who pays for what etc. This CAN be one of the most stressful time periods in your life, BUT it doesn't have to be. We'd love to help you be prepared. Maybe you've already bought a home or two already. That's great! This will serve as a quick brush up for you, or if you plan on selling anytime soon, let you see the new updates to the contracts now used in Texas.

So please comment below with your questions or things you would love to hear about in the home buying or selling process. We'll answer those over the next few weeks. You can expect a post on the importance of meeting with a mortgage lender BEFORE you start your home search, the general overview of the contract process, the inspection (dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuuuuun), and finally the move-in! Check out the sneak peak below of our intentions after closing. We can't wait to get to work.

***Full disclosure, Chad and I are both licensed Realtors. 

our next project

Jackie James Organic Modern.jpg

Exterior Style Goals:

Jackie James Organic Modern exterior paint selections.png

First things first, we would trim the trees, clean up the flower beds, and turn those water sprinklers on! You already know how big of an impact those simple steps can make from reading this post

Next, I would absolutely love to paint this brick a gray color with blue undertones. We would do the trim and fascia board in a white color and paint the shutters and front door in a black hue. Ideally, I would even swap out that front door for a new, more modern door like this one, but we're working on a super limited budget this time around. So you'll get to find out where that falls on the proiority list.  

Lastly, I would pressure-wash the sidewalk, patio, driveway and fence (we talk about that here). I would also re-stain the fence. 

Interior Style Goals:

For this house we want to go for an Organic Modern look... think warmth and simplicity of natural objects and materials like wood and furry textures with the clean lines of modern design. We might even add a touch of boho, as well. I'll have more for you on this in the future. Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly with the contract and closing!