Mid-Century Modern Lighting on a Budget

This renovation has by far been my favorite to date. Being that we're millennials still saving for retirement AND enjoying our avocado toast, I thought we'd let you in on a little secret with this awesome lighting we selected. 

jackie james midcentury modern lighting


Design Inspiration

This look can be found here. It even has 4 different color options. 

Unfortunately that light up above shown as our Design Inspiration costs $399 pre-tax and shipping, womp womp. I knew I had to have something similar to this style, it was just too perfect to consider anything else. So on to the hours and hours of scrolling and searching I went. I seriously cannot believe how much the internet has completely changed our lives. The options and availabilities we have now are unparalleled. Anyways, over the course of a few days I found the perfect match. If you'd like to see the final pictures from our Mid-Century Modern Renovation, click here. Links to the exact light fixtures we used in that renovation are listed and linked in the text below. I hope to have taken the hard work out for you. Now all you have to do is click once. :-)

Living Room Light Fixture | Dining Room Light Fixture | Kitchen/Flex Space Light Fixture | Master Bedroom Light Fixture | Secondary Bedrooms Light Fixtures | Hallway Light Fixture (in clear) | Entryway Light Fixture (similar) | Master Bath Light Fixtures | Secondary Bath Light Fixture 1 and Light Fixture 2 (Chad's favorite)

I'm personally a little partial to gold fixtures, but black accents can be fun, too! Click through below to see some other fun options for mid-century modern lighting on a budget. We did not use the below items pictured in our renovation, but they're great considerations, too.