It’s all in the details.

jackie james kitchen update mcm mid-century modern

What separates a great remodel from a ho-hum one? It’s the attention to detail and sweating the small stuff. Many times Whitney and I see a property for sale that is advertised as “Newly Remodeled!” and inevitably we see the same few things:

  1. Gray painted walls: Yes it’s great you “de-beiged” the house and yes it sure was worth it, but slapping a coat of gray on the walls doesn’t detract from the fact that your baseboards haven’t been touched in 15 years and look like the color of coffee stained teeth. Whenever you paint a room, consider the doors and trim and find an accent color that will complement the style and palate you have chosen.
  2. New Granite Countertops: Yes while an upgrade, countertops are an expensive item that is costly to change and more often then not, the homeowner or realtor has picked something less than neutral that would stand out against a white and bright color scheme. When looking at new countertops pick something that will go well with Whites, Grays, Blacks and won’t clash if they decide to add pops of color as well. Don’t be afraid of quartz either. Quartz countertops offer a wide variety of colors and patterns that could work well for many kitchens.
  3. Updated Door hardware: Adding some black or brushed nickel hardware around the house in place of the 80s/90s brass knobs you had before is a great idea and a worthy investment. Here’s where we see the issues most often though, don’t forget the small stuff. Go ahead and swap out the brass cabinet pulls, door stoppers and entry handle sets to complete the look. While you are at it, consider changing those almond toned light switches, electrical outlets and phone jacks out for a brand new set in a brighter white tone. In addition to the electrical, let’s change out the HVAC vents for new white ones or paint the existing vents if they are still in good condition.

By taking the time to do these small extra steps on each of these items we can eliminate any possible eyesore that might distract from all the hard work we have put in. Happy remodeling!

Sorry about missing last week's post. We've been super busy working on a new potential project. We hope to be able to share this with you in the coming weeks.